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Mason and Marlowe Architectural Services in Salford and Manchester provide a full range of architect services, including architectural design, project management, space planning and interior design. Mason and Marlowe Architectural Services are leading architects with clients ranging from individual homeowners to large-scale construction companies.

We believe in continuous improvement, so if you need any information about how we can improve our services or speak with us about something specific, please do not hesitate to contact Mason and Marlowe as we aim to provide a professional architectural service that is second to none.


Architectural Services

Mason and Marlowe Architectural Services are one of the leading architects with clients ranging from individual homeowners to large-scale construction companies. We believe in continuous improvement so if you need any information about how we can improve our services or would like to speak with us about something specific please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer a full range of architectural design, project management, space planning and interior design services. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service that will exceed your expectations. If there’s anything at all we can help you with please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Mason and Marlowe Architectural Services are trusted throughout the Manchester, Salford areas for their excellent customer care and a clear commitment to all projects big and small. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect and understanding which ensures high standards of workmanship are delivered at every stage of your project from initial design through to completion.

In order to satisfy the varying requirements of our clients, Mason and Marlowe Architectural Services offers an excellent choice of services, tailored to your specific needs whether you require a new build or renovation. We offer many different options so contact us today for more information about how we can help you.

Architectural services are the set of design and creative processes that help to create any space, building or project. The scope of these services includes all tasks related to the idea development, site allocation, modeling and documentation for construction purposes. This is a broad range of solutions, which are offered by our architectural company to its clients in Manchester Salford, creating desired spaces for people with certain needs.

We offer a complete bespoke design service working within your set budget and time scales to produce the perfect building for your needs. Our friendly architects will discuss what you are looking for in detail so they can fully understand what you need. Mason and Marlowe have the expertise to handle every stage of your project, from initial sketches through to planning permission, design development drawings and full build. Our architectural services range from building extensions through to new house builds, renovations or conversions – whatever you need we’re here to help. The following are just some of the services listed from our Salford and Manchester-based architectural company:

  • Site selection and zoning analysis – Determines whether it is feasible to build in a particular area or not.
  • Sketching or drawing out ideas – A client may want to visualize his thoughts for a project before proceeding with detailed concepts. The drawings should show how the space would be arranged; where major components such as furniture would go; etc.
  • Conceptual planning – Replacing sketches with more sophisticated graphics like CAD (computer-aided design). These wireframes could then be used to present detailed information and/or create an interactive website that could also allow clients to move around the space with just a click of a mouse.
  • Building design – Drawing up building plans and specifications to ensure that what is being built is going to be functional, safe, and meet the required standards mandated by local government bodies. This is also where opening hours, staffing requirements, layout design requests from clients are taken into consideration.
  • Interior design – Considering how it would feel to be in a space under particular lighting conditions; whether personal belongings can be stowed away neatly out of sight; etc. It is important that the interior planning fits within the general framework of the exterior plan as well as taking into account client needs and preferences.
  • Construction management – Checking on progress during construction work to make sure deadlines are met; issues regarding quality control are being handled efficiently; etc.
  • Cost analysis – This is a process of making sure a project’s business plan is feasible and that there won’t be any additional costs later on. This also includes budgeting for unforeseen circumstances such as higher material costs, more complex design concepts, or hidden issues like problems with the building site.
  • Commercial Architecture: Mason and Marlowe design large-scale commercial projects including offices, shopping centers, retail outlets etc. We have extensive experience in this sector working with clients on both new builds and renovations to existing properties.
  • New Builds & Extensions: Whether you require a small extension or an entirely new build we believe that attention to detail is key at every stage of the process is why we commit ourselves to delivering high-quality work every time.
  • Drawings & Plans: We will present your project in a clear manner with all the relevant details for approval ready to go on-site where needed. We can also prepare plans which show how the design is constructed.

The main benefit that you will receive from hiring Mason and Marlowe Architectural Services is a cost-effective service that is project managed by a dedicated team who takes care of everything for you. We work closely with our clients to understand what they need before going ahead with any work so we can offer a customized solution specifically tailored to your requirements.

Whether it’s a building extension or renovation, new build, conversion, refurbishment or site development – anything goes! In addition to this, Mason and Marlowe Architectural Services will handle all of your existing and future specifications, including insurance work and structural calculations. We will liaise with other professionals such as planners, building control officers and consultants to ensure that we can provide a full range of architectural services for you.

  1. We’re passionate about what we do and take client satisfaction very seriously
  2. We’ve got years of experience providing architectural services for commercial, residential and education clients across the country
  3. A portfolio of satisfied clients who are more than happy to recommend our services
  4. We have a team of highly skilled employees with technical expertise in every aspect of architectural work so you know your project is going to be in safe hands from beginning to end
  5. Our prices are extremely competitive, especially when you consider the quality service being offered
  6. Our client base includes businesses as well as private individuals looking for bespoke solutions tailored to their needs
  7. We offer a cost-effective solution that means greater peace of mind
  8. We offer a free, no obligation quotation and estimates for every project we undertake
  9. Our clients include companies and individuals from across the United Kingdom (including Salford)
  10. We only work with experienced professionals who are highly skilled in their field to ensure that your design is produced to the highest possible standard each and every time you engage our services

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Provided an excellent services and positive attitude ? Highly recommended


Fantastic service, kept me fully informed, spoke to the council at every step of the process, kept me updated of changes and designs. Thank you so much


Provided an excellent services throughout the process. Highly recommended


This working relationship was professional but very friendly in what was a difficult COVID time. We worked safely and had FaceTime meetings when appropriate. Drawings are of high quality, then all submitted and decision came through without any hassle. I would highly recommend. More…

Yusiff Hidrey
Yusiff Hidrey2021-04-25

Professional attitude. First visit was good


Amazing from start to finish couldn’t fault anything what so ever made all the stress that little less stressful thank you for all your support. Will be recommending you to everyone Dr Kanadi Jagafa we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work & help. Katie & David More…

Katie Allen
Katie Allen2021-01-31

Applied for A5 permission for a take away. Always available for help and answers to my question and planning Team by phone and email , professional and polite. I Will definitely recommend to everyone for professional service. Thanks More…

Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali2020-12-05

Dr Kanadi Jagafa is an excellent person to work with I will definitely be working with him again and will highly recommend him to my friends

Abdul Majid
Abdul Majid2020-11-20

My job was too small for an out of town company but they were very professional and offered to give me a quote. I declined their offer but I was very impressed by them

Pete Stanway
Pete Stanway2020-10-17

Despite getting the ball rolling during lockdown and the council being slower to deal with thanks to furloughed staff: Dr Jagafa made sterling progress getting our planning permission approved. We needed to revise the plans a few times and provi information, this was all handled swiftly and professionally without problems. More…

Mike Gibbins
Mike Gibbins2020-10-02

"I am a developer, therefore, I like to turnover my buildings as quick as possible. Dr Jagafa got me planning approval within 5 weeks. In my line of work, approvals take at least two months. I recommend him to anyone who requires a competent representation." More… M Reply from Mason and Marlowe Ltd Thank you


Dr Jagafa is an outstanding Project Manager. It is without a doubt that he has exceptional expertise in project management as a whole within the construction industry. He also has a great personality and fun to work with. More…

Sheikh Forhid
Sheikh Forhid2020-03-01

Dr Jagafa is an expert on planning permission application at reasonable price .very effective services.

Ademola Alimi
Ademola Alimi2020-02-25

Dr Jagafa was very professional and prepared the drawings in a timely manner which allowed us to meet the planners deadlines and get us the approvals. Thank you ?

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