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Procurement Service in Salford, Manchester

Mason Marlowe is a leading procurement service in Salford and Manchester to provide end-to-end procurement solutions for our clients, to help achieve their stated business objectives. We assist clients in making well-informed business decisions, future-proofing their businesses and gaining a competitive advantage.

Mason Marlowe provides a procurement pathway from business and program level strategy to contract award, managing the procurement process, implementing consistent procedures and engaging the supply chain. Our in-house expertise which allows for developing optimal procurement, contract & commercial solutions for our clients can help maximize value from the supply chain and mitigate contractual risk. Mason Marlowe are an expert at Procurement Service Salford, Manchester. We can help you with any Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Engagement, Contract Management, Commercial Support, Risk Management, Due Diligence Reviews and Supplier Relationship Management.


Procurement Services

We take as much time as needed to help your organization achieve its commercial goals, however, we have a pre-agreed timeframe for commercial support. We either recommend going direct with our clients or using an online known commercial platform which is currently used by a huge number of companies worldwide. This saves administration time and cost, but still ensures that the right level of negotiation is carried out without fuss. The chosen commercial tool has been chosen for its simplicity and all major financial institutions are available through this tool.

With experienced Procurement Service Salford, Manchester professionals at our disposal there won’t be any issue in handling the entire procurement process from beginning to end, no matter how complex it may be. The engagement plan will be agreed on and we will work with you to address your business requirements and deliverables.

Mason and Marlowe’s legal and commercial procurement service allows clients to maximize value from the supply chain, engaging with forward-thinking suppliers which can help them achieve their business objectives. By implementing a procurement pathway from strategy through contract award, we can ensure that your interests are protected at every step of the process.

  1. Driving savings into the organization through developing optimal procurement solutions for our clients.
  2. Improved efficiency/productivity – streamlining operations which reduces costs and ensures production meets demand
  3. Engaging with the supply chain – having a strong relationship with suppliers will improve competitiveness and ensure continuity of supply
  4. Risk management – reducing risk exposure through working closely with you throughout the entire procurement process
  5. Enhancing business intelligence and decision making – to ensure that we understand your business and what you want to achieve, we can support commercial and financial decision-making
  6. Mitigating contractual risk – engaging with suppliers who can demonstrate their capability and commitment to meet required service levels Mason Marlowe’s procurement team has the experience, knowledge and expertise.

To support your organization, Mason Marlowe’s procurement services are aligned with the following five-stage process.

  1. Strategy
  2. Invitation to Tender / Request for Proposal / Approved List
  3. Transition & Implementation
  4. Performance Management
  5. Contract Closeout & Review 

We have a proven track record of contract delivery in Salford and Manchester across multiple industry sectors, including local government, central government and commercial organizations in the private sector focused on delivering savings to their bottom line through Procurement Services Salford, Manchester You can be confident that we deliver our procurement service in line with our client’s objectives and provide the best option for them at all times.

  1. We focus on providing value to your business
  2. Engaging with forward-thinking suppliers will help you achieve your goals
  3. Reduce risk exposure through proper assessment of suppliers’ capabilities and commitment
  4. Maximize savings by implementing the right procurement solution for our clients
  5. We can bring clarity to any commercial issues allowing informed decisions to be made.
  6. Develop optimal procurement solutions for our clients Mason Marlowe provides Procurement Service Salford, Manchester that delivers real results.

We are the leading procurement service in Salford and Manchester. Our clients rely on us to provide end-to-end procurement solutions that help them achieve their business objectives. We’re committed to helping our clients make well-informed decisions, future-proofing their businesses and gaining a competitive advantage.

You can trust Mason Marlowe with your most important projects because we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise necessary to get the job done right. Whether you need assistance with strategic sourcing or complex negotiations, we will work tirelessly until every detail is taken care of so you don’t have to worry about anything else but running your business!

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Provided an excellent services and positive attitude ? Highly recommended


Fantastic service, kept me fully informed, spoke to the council at every step of the process, kept me updated of changes and designs. Thank you so much


Provided an excellent services throughout the process. Highly recommended


This working relationship was professional but very friendly in what was a difficult COVID time. We worked safely and had FaceTime meetings when appropriate. Drawings are of high quality, then all submitted and decision came through without any hassle. I would highly recommend. More…

Yusiff Hidrey
Yusiff Hidrey2021-04-25

Professional attitude. First visit was good


Amazing from start to finish couldn’t fault anything what so ever made all the stress that little less stressful thank you for all your support. Will be recommending you to everyone Dr Kanadi Jagafa we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work & help. Katie & David More…

Katie Allen
Katie Allen2021-01-31

Applied for A5 permission for a take away. Always available for help and answers to my question and planning Team by phone and email , professional and polite. I Will definitely recommend to everyone for professional service. Thanks More…

Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali2020-12-05

Dr Kanadi Jagafa is an excellent person to work with I will definitely be working with him again and will highly recommend him to my friends

Abdul Majid
Abdul Majid2020-11-20

My job was too small for an out of town company but they were very professional and offered to give me a quote. I declined their offer but I was very impressed by them

Pete Stanway
Pete Stanway2020-10-17

Despite getting the ball rolling during lockdown and the council being slower to deal with thanks to furloughed staff: Dr Jagafa made sterling progress getting our planning permission approved. We needed to revise the plans a few times and provi information, this was all handled swiftly and professionally without problems. More…

Mike Gibbins
Mike Gibbins2020-10-02

"I am a developer, therefore, I like to turnover my buildings as quick as possible. Dr Jagafa got me planning approval within 5 weeks. In my line of work, approvals take at least two months. I recommend him to anyone who requires a competent representation." More… M Reply from Mason and Marlowe Ltd Thank you


Dr Jagafa is an outstanding Project Manager. It is without a doubt that he has exceptional expertise in project management as a whole within the construction industry. He also has a great personality and fun to work with. More…

Sheikh Forhid
Sheikh Forhid2020-03-01

Dr Jagafa is an expert on planning permission application at reasonable price .very effective services.

Ademola Alimi
Ademola Alimi2020-02-25

Dr Jagafa was very professional and prepared the drawings in a timely manner which allowed us to meet the planners deadlines and get us the approvals. Thank you ?

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